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Is CHOC a Level 1 trauma center?

As the only Level I pediatric trauma center in Orange County, CHOC is a referral source for communities throughout the region. We provide total care for every aspect of injury €“ from prevention through rehabilitation.

TRAUMA CENTERS The Level I trauma center at Broward Health Medical Center offers the highest level of care for the most severe, life- threatening injuries in adults and children. The trauma center at the children's hospital is a designated Level I pediatric trauma center, one of only two in Broward County.

Children's Colorado is the only dedicated Level 1 trauma center in our seven-state region, handling the most challenging emergencies. We offer emergency and urgent care at multiple locations as well as numerous specialty care centers and clinics.

Broward Health offers Level I and Level II trauma centers at Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health North, enabling the system to care for the most critical patients.

UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital

Mattel Children's also sometimes treats adults that require pediatric care. UCLA Mattel Children's HospitalTypeChildren's hospitalAffiliated universityDavid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLAServicesEmergency departmentLevel 1 Pediatric Trauma Center

UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital

CHOC is a training hospital for health care providers who are receiving additional education. In addition to CHOC physicians and nurses, your child's care team might include medical students, residents or fellows.

CHOC is consistently named one of the nation's best children's hospitals by U.S. News World Report in its Best Children's Hospitals rankings. CHOC ranked in seven specialties: neonatology; cancer; diabetes and endocrinology; neurology and neurosurgery; orthopaedics; pulmonology; and urology.

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Our Campus

315313 licensed beds, including: 46-bed Emergency Department and Trauma Center. 124-bed Critical Care Unit, including: 36-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Our Campus

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CHOC opened its doors Oct. 5, 1964, with 12-year-old Kendall €œKen Spicer serving as its first official patient. Ken was one of only four patients admitted that day, but word of CHOC quickly spread. Within two months, approximately 300 children received treatment.

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Physical Injuries? Physical Trauma Sudden Injuries

Physical trauma is a serious injury to the body. The two main types of physical trauma are: Blunt force trauma: when an object or force strikes the body, often resulting in concussions, deep cuts, or broken bones. Penetrating trauma: when an object pierces the skin or body, usually creating an open wound.

Physical Injuries? Physical Trauma  Sudden Injuries

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